Balboa Classes: Videos for beginners

Hi y’all!

To help our beginners classes, here’s a few videos that show some of the moves we teach in our beginners course.  Now, we could post a video of ourselves doing this, but figured the people who taught us what we know would be better placed to show you.  So, with that in mind here are some videos that show what we’ve learnt so far.

We should add our thanks to all the fantastic teachers who’ve taught at the workshops we’ve attended, some of whom appear in these videos: Bobby White, Kate Hedin, Adam Speen, Nelle Cherry, Marty Klempner, Alice Mei, Micky Fortanesce, Kelly Arsenault, Nick William, Sylvia Sykes, Anne-Helene and Bernard Cavasa, Dan Guest, Mel & Jo Calanglang, Balboa Bunch, AYD Balboa, JazzJiveSwing and many more!!  If you haven’t already, make sure you get to one of their workshops asap!  Cheers!  Stephen and Kerstin.

Pure Bal Basic:

Come Around Into Lollies:

Tossout/Spike Into Come Around:

Out and Ins: (taught slightly differently and with crossovers)

Scoots (side steps) and paddles: (These are intermediate lessons)


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